Look@LAN 2.50 build 35

Carlo Medas (Freeware)

Look@LAN is an application which allows users to diagnose network problems. It works in a way where it scans the whole network, providing relevant information such as graphs and statistics of all clients that are connected to it. The key features of this program include OS detection, proof single node scan, network tree view, statistics and graphs, trapping, reporting, monitoring, and auto-detection of network configuration.

The user interface of Look@LAN shows a wide area for the list of connected IP addresses, as well as detailed information for each including status, distance, HostName, NetBios Name, NetBios User, SNMP, and Trap. Clicking on the IP displays all information related to it on a pop-up window. Users can specify the scan range and the application is able to provide statistics  related to online and offline IPs based on the range. Graphics and reporting functionalities are also available. The user interface also displays the status of the scan which the user can disrupt by pressing on the stop button. The “Advanced TraceRoute” function gives even more detail in case the user likes to monitor a particular host more closely. This application makes use of minimal computer resources and works on all versions of Windows.