Carlo Medas (Freeware)

Look@HOST is an application that looks at the status of the user’s network connections and web server. This is helpful in troubleshooting network connectivity problems. For instance, if there is a network issue raised by a customer, the user can check in what specific area the network problem occurs so necessary fixes can be done. It can be on the customer’s computer, on the router, on the connectivity Internet Service Provider (ISP), or Internet backbone. Checking each issue takes time and this is what the application is trying to address.

Look@HOST has a simple user interface which shows the status of the network connection. If the connection is working, the box on its left side will be green; if it is not working correctly, then it will be red. The user interface has several icons on the bottom part which corresponds to refresh status, Add Host (which allows the user to add domain names or IP as needed), Settings which allows the users to configure how often the application needs to be refreshed, About which shows the current version of the program as well as contact details, and an Exit button to close the application. It is recommended for the refresh settings to be set to every 60 minutes so it is up-to-date.