London Racer - Police Madness

Davilex Games B.V. (Proprietary)

London Racer - Police Madness is a game for both Windows and Sony PlayStation 2 users. In this game, players assume the role of a police officer tasked to arrest traffic offenders and illegal street racers. It can be played either in the first or the third person perspective. Players get to use a number of weapons and other police equipment to allow them to complete their missions. When goals are reached, players will get points in the form of cash bonuses and use these to buy traffic cameras and other surveillance items to help them catch traffic offenders. The more arrests players do, the bigger the cash bonus will be.

London Racer - Police Madness also has mini games that can be played to win arrests and gain bonus points. The game is easy to play and comes with different race modes. Player performance is shown in a good/bad cop meter. Each game round has a time limit that is shown at the top part of the game screen. Within that time period, players must catch and fine as many traffic offenders as possible. The number of arrests and the amount of collected fines are shown at the upper right portion of the screen. At the bottom left corner is a meter that shows the degree of recklessness of a passing car, and the bottom right corner shows the speed. When the traffic regulations are violated, it is time to give chase and catch the offender.