Lokalize (Computer-Aided Translation System) 1.4

KDE (Open Source)

Lokalize is an open-source software application that serves as a translation tool for applications made for the KDE platform. KDE is a graphical environment used as a “skin” for several major operating systems built on Linux. It is a translation tool that aims to assist developers in creating versions of their programs that can be used by a specific group of speakers.

As with many software programs developed for Linux, a native version of Lokalize exists for KDE. However, a variant that runs on Windows can also be downloaded from the Internet. As the application is accredited under an open-source license, anyone may create his or her own derivative versions of the program for whatever purpose, be it for commercial or personal use.

Lokalize sports many basic features found in most localization software. These include:
• Automatic machine-aided translation that can be edited further for a more accurate translation.
• A built-in glossary for most major languages, which are continuously maintained and updated by the community.
• The ability to remember corrections applied on rough translations, which can be used to enhance the accuracy of its automatic translator.
• Project management functions that allow teams to work on translating a program at a much faster rate.
• Support for multilingual localization that gives developers the option to rapidly localize their products into more than one language.