LoiLo (Shareware)

LoiLoScope is a video editor that allows users to edit nearly all image and video file formats of pictures and films shot with camcorders, digital cameras, and smartphones. This application saves the user the time needed to look for a video editor compatible with their specific devices. Edited videos can also be produced and exported in various formats such as MPEG-4 Part 14, Windows Media Video, MPEG-2 and Audio Video Interleave. The software enables a user to burn movies and pictures into DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

In addition, LoiLoScope is a video editing application that comes with an intuitive and straightforward graphical user interface. It is mainly developed for the purpose of recording, editing, and processing video imported from devices that produce audiovisual content in high definition. It can also be used to synchronize files with portable devices such as a PlayStation Portable or an iPod, among other popular multimedia players. It can also be utilized to upload edited videos to YouTube and other video-sharing websites via certain feature included in its interface.

LoiLoScope offers the user the option to follow basic workflow processes designed for novices. This software is the free version of Super LoiLoScope, which contains premium features for professional video editors.