LoiLoScope 2

LoiLo (Shareware)

LoiLoScope 2 is a video editing application. Users can edit videos from different devices, such as AVCHD cameras, DSLRs, mobile phones, and even videos downloaded from the Internet. In addition, users can also ad music and image files when editing videos. The application has an intuitive interface that allows beginners to create professional looking videos. The guide feature allows users to do different tasks with the program, even without editing experience. The guide provides instructions on how to use the different tools offered by the application.

LoiLoScope 2’s main interface is similar to other video editing applications. All the tools needed are found on the main window. Editing can be done in timeline mode or storyboard mode. Users can cut, copy, paste, trim, and delete videos, as well as change the video size, and add texts, transitions, and effects. There are also design tools, such as stamps, drawing tools, and an effect pen, that can be used to add more elements to the video.

All edited videos can be shared online directly from the program’s interface. Videos can be uploaded to Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Additionally, the videos can be transferred to devices like iPods, 3G mobile phones, iPads, PSPs, and more.