Logos Bible Software 4

Logos Bible Software (Shareware)

Logos Bible Software 4 contains a huge network library as well as a number of useful tools to assist users who are engaged in Bible Study. This utility provides answers related to biblical questions and also allows users to share the Word of God with their friends and family members. This application is designed to help users in applying the Bible to their daily lives.

Logos Bible Software 4 is intended to help users understand the content of the Bible as well as it wealth of characters and the different cultures featured in the text. There are many features that users will find very handy when they make use of Logos Bible Software 4. For instance, the locator bar of this utility presents the table of contents from the user’s current position. This helps in navigating through the pages and in keeping one’s orientation. Program scaling is available via DPI control so that users can modify the resolution of the program without having to adjust the display. Logos Bible Software 4 also has new schemes intended for Hebrew transliteration.

Logos Bible Software 4 is a digital library app that has a Clippings feature which stores quotations and verse on virtual cards. The citations are also provided (at the back). This is useful for people who are either writing a paper or preparing for a sermon.