Logon Editor

Vincent Bethmann (Freeware)

Logon Editor is a system utilities program specifically designed for Windows 7 operating system. Developed by Vincent Bethmann, this application is particularly used for customizing purposes. It enables users to change the background of the Windows logon screen.

All the available functions and features are found in the program’s single-window interface providing easy access to users. The interface is straightforward since all the options are situated in the main interface. To use the program, the user only has to open the desired image to replace the default Windows logon screen then apply it. The program’s interface also provides a preview screen. After selecting the image to be used, users can automatically see how the image looks like when applied. Several preview options are also available including save preview, extract background, change the size, Windows branding, user name, and user image. The program also provides a Restore Logon function, which is used to revert the default/previous logon settings. Saving the current project is possible as well. This enables users to later edit projects. This function requires administrative privileges.

Logon Editor can also be used to tweak other aspects of the logon screen. It offers three options for the text & button style. These include dark shadows/transparent buttons, no shadows/opaque buttons, and light shadows/half-opaque buttons.