LogMeIn Ignition 1.1.64

LogMeIn, Inc. (Proprietary)

LogMeIn Ignition is a powerful application designed to give users the capability to control computers remotely from a remote computer or mobile device. Ignition for Android gives users the power to manage their computers at the comfort of their Android Smartphone or tablet. It offers remote access, remote application access and remote sound. Ignition for Windows can be installed on a computer or a USD disk and will allow access to computer without a browser. It has remote access, automatic login, file transfer, and computer search features.

The Remote Access feature eliminates the need for a browser to control a remote computer. It offers access to full onscreen keyboard, enables switching between monitors and even sound streaming. It can control the mouse and can click, scroll, and drag on the host computer, and even navigate business applications. Automatic Login feature saves users from the hassle of remembering additional passwords with the use of encrypted passwords. It also addresses the issue of both productivity and security. File Transfer feature allows transferring of files between computers or creating copies of a file from the remote computer. Computer Search feature allows the user to search and select which computer to interact with.

Other features of this program include:

• Adjusts the size of the screen or image via Zoom Navigation
• Uses common key combinations making processes faster
• Computer wakes up on LAN (Local Area Network)
• Has Clipboard support – cut, copy, and paste clips between applications
• Monitors status (online/offline) via computer list

Lastly, this program supports multiple android devices and languages.