LogixPro Simulator

TheLearningPit (Shareware)

LogixPro Simulator in application that simulates a PLC, or programmable logic controller. A PLC is a digital computer that is utilized in the automation of electromechanical processes. For instance, it is used to make sure that machines in factories run smoothly. This application effectively simulates process equipment such as assembly lines, conveyors, and other machinery used in the industrial setting. It helps industrial engineers and engineering students in using PLCs to come up with an efficient process for optimized production.

LogixPro Simulator is part of a program package that includes an editor and a PLC emulator. The editor enables users to create and edit programs by using the basic programming instructions used by a common application, called the RSLogix500 developed by Allen Bradley. The emulator is also similar to the one developed by Allen Bradley. The emulator executes the program made by the user to see if it functions the way it should.

The simulation program contains a collection of simulations of real-world industrial equipment, including conveyor belts, switches, and other components. Through this application, users will be able to see how everything works without having to test these all on physical machinery. If something goes wrong in the process, the application provides the user with a troubleshooting option to see which parts of the program need to be fixed.