Logitech Touch Mouse Server 1.0

Logitech, Inc. (Freeware)

Logitech Touch Mouse Server is an application used for transforming an Apple iPhone or iPad into a wireless keyboard and trackpad for the computer. The program works by translating the typing and tracking on the iPod or iPhone into computer commands allowing the device to become an instant wireless touchpad or keyboard. The Touch Mouse is composed of two separate programs – Touch Mouse Server software and Touch Mouse Server app. The software is for the computer while the app is for the iPhone or iPod. The two programs must be installed on both the device and the computer in order for the application to work.

The Logitech Touch Mouse Server software, which is installed in the computer, allows users to check the status of the iPhone/iPod connection. When the iPhone/iPod is connected to the server, the software automatically updates the connection. The software quietly functions in the background. The taskbar icon can be clicked to view the status and settings of the program. Users may have to run the server every time they use the Touch Mouse. However, there is an option in the software’s dialog box to start the program automatically during startup. To use the program, users must choose which computer the iPhone/iPod will control. The interface in the iPhone/iPod is just like a trackpad. It has left, center, and right mouse buttons. The middle section is the tracking area where users can point or scroll. The keyboard function can be activated by clicking on the show/hide keyboard button located below the iPhone/iPod app area.