Logitech SetPoint

Logitech, Inc. (Freeware)

The Logitech SetPoint is the standard driver suite for Logitech keyboard and mouse products. It replaced Logitech’s iTouch and MouseWare driver suite. The main purpose of this application is to provide control over Logitech mouse and keyboard products with its software and drivers components.

For Logitech mice, the Logitech SetPoint application gives full control over three main aspects of a mouse’s interactions. The first section is the Mouse Button Settings. This section gives users the ability to modify the functionality of every mouse button. It can also be used to change the settings for different computer programs.

The second section is Mouse Movement, which provides settings to modify and adjust the sensitivity and movement settings of the mouse.

The last section is the Mouse Game Settings, which is made for gamers. This section provides options to modify the mouse settings for an in-game. It also lets users set up to 5 resolution presets and create different settings for each game.

If a Logitech keyboard is used together with a Logitech mouse, the Logitech SetPoint application will add two extra sections to the main window of the program. The added sections can be used to change the mappings and key functions of the keyboards. A special SetPoint version is available for Logitech’s Bluetooth devices.