Logitech Desktop Messenger

Logitech (Bundled)

Logitech Desktop Messenger or LDM was an application that keeps Logitech products up to date. The program came bundled with different Logitech products, such as MouseWare and SetPoint. The program can also be downloaded from the Logitech website. Once installed, the Desktop Manager connects to the Logitech server to look for the latest updates and patches for the installed device on the computer. The program searches for the relevant updates according to the user’s preferences. Once the program finds patches or updates, it notifies the user by providing a download link.

Logitech Desktop Messenger runs quietly in the background and does not clog up the system resources. It only looks for updates when the computer is idle so as not to affect other computer activities. Aside from downloading patches and upgrades, the application also provides tips and news. The notification settings can be changed on the program’s options menu. Desktop Messenger checks for updates once a week and remains dormant in the system until the next update check.

The program was discontinued upon the release of Windows 7. Desktop Messenger is no longer installed with new Logitech products. The application was replaced with Logitech Updater, which has functions similar to the Desktop Messenger.