Logger Pro

Vernier Software & Technology (Shareware)

Logger Pro is a data collection and data analysis software created by Vernier Software and released on April 2012. This program enables users to collect data from several data gathering programs like LabQuest, LabPro, Spectometers, WDSS, and GPS, among many. This program also enables users to manually input data into tables. It features support for several Vernier sensors enabling users to facilitate real-time data analysis and graph making.

Logger Pro features several data collection modes including selected events, time-based data, photogate, radiation counting, and events with typed-in entries. This program also enables users to analyze all collected data for mapping into tables and graphs. These may then be laid-out across multiple pages. The program also provides tangent line tools, as well as examines tools that enable users to analyze values and determine slopes. This program supports several graphing types including log graphs, strip charts, XY graphs, FFT graphs, and YY graphs.

Logger Pro also features video capture support. This function enables users to capture an experiment in a playable video file. This program enables users to make frame by frame analyses of the captured video to extract data for use in experimentation. This program also features video playback capabilities with data sensor synchronization as well as a Print functionality. This enables users to print created data tables and graphs.