Atari Inc. (Proprietary)

Locomotion is an economic strategy game developed by Chris Sawyer of Atari. Inspired heavily by the game Transport Tycoon, Locomotion gives the player a chance to build his own intricate transportation network. The games starts off with a map of cities, towns, and villages that are isolated from one another. Therefore, the player must connect them all together by building roads, bridges, airports, ports, and rain lines. All of this infrastructure will reinforce the industries and boost the economy. Once the modes of transportation are completed, the player can also come up with a fleet of different vehicles. Players can choose to add buses, trains, airplanes, trucks, and ships to their respective territories.

In order to increase revenue, the player will have to devise strategic routes for the vehicles to ply in order to transport goods to other locations. Well-planned routes will result in an efficient transportation system and faster rate of progress. The graphics of Locomotion is a definite improvement from Transport Tycoon as it features more colorful towns and diverse building styles. Players can choose from among more than 40 types of airplanes, buses, boats, trains, and scenarios. To succeed at this game, the player must surpass his/her competitors in business and society.