LockTime NetLimiter

LockTime (Shareware)

Locktime NetLimiter is a program developed by Locktime Software and was released in 2005. This program is used in shaping and monitoring of the computer’s network traffic. Traffic shaping is a process where users set a profile for network datagrams in order to improve the latency and increase the bandwidth of the user’s network connection. On the other hand, traffic monitoring is a technique in measuring the amount and type of traffic on a particular network. This process in also used in bandwidth management. Locktime NetLimiter provides users with tools to monitor the network traffic by identifying the applications that are using the network connection without the user’s knowledge. Users can then limit the amount of applications that can connect to the network, therefore giving priority to important applications and processes that rely on a large bandwidth. Locktime NetLimiter is primarily used to organize network traffic and optimize the connectivity of applications as well as to increase the network speed.

Locktime NetLimiter provides four main features. First is the Network Monitor that shows a list of all applications that communicate over a network. This also displays the number of connections, and transfer rates. Next feature is the Bandwidth Limiter or Bandwidth Shaper, which allows users to set the upload and download transfer rate, limits for applications and processes, connections, and groups. Another feature includes the Statistical tool, which enables users to track the Internet traffic history upon installing NetLimiter. Last feature is the Rule Scheduler, which provides remote administration, personal firewall, user rights, charts, and zone-based traffic management. In addition to these, Locktime NetLimiter provides additional information to users, which includes WHOIS, and traceroute.