LockHunter 2.0 beta2

Crystal Rich (Freeware)

LockHunter is a security tool developed by Crystal Rich that allows users to access files that are blocked through malware. It was released in April 2009. LockHunter functions by deleting blocked files. It is very useful for protection from malware and other kinds of malicious software. LockHunter removes files and moves them to the Recycle Bin. Thus, users can still recover files in cases of accidental deletions. LockHunter also allows users to rename, copy, and edit a locked file. It also allows users to view processes that lock the file and delete said processes. It also allows users to access locked drives and view the processes that lock them. These processes may likewise be deleted. LockHunter is integrated to the Windows Explorer menu.

LockHunter may be accessed by right clicking the locked file and clicking What’s locking this file? The LockHunter dialog box will appear with the Chosen Path selector at the top. The locking processes are shown on the tree-view window below the selector. At the bottom, LockHunter shows four buttons that correspond to the specific actions that users may take. Users may Unlock It, Delete It, Close Locking Processes, or Delete Locking Processes. The Exit button is located at the lower right portion. To access locking processes, users should select the specific process, right click, and select the desired action.