LockDown Browser

Respondus (Shareware)

LockDown Browser is a custom browser developed by Respondus geared towards academic use. It may be customized for increased security of online testing. With the advent of e-learning websites, instructors needed an application that will ensure that cheating during online exams will be prevented. LockDown Browser locks down the testing environments for several applications including ANGEL, Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai.  Through Respondus LockDown Browser, users will be prevented from opening other websites or accessing other applications during the testing. Users will not be able to print and copy URLs. Assessments may be configured to only be accessible through the LockDown Browser and not any other browser.

When LockDown Browser is used, the assessments are displayed full screen and will not be minimized nor exited unless done or submitted for grading. Task switching or window switching are not possible when the LockDown Browser is open. Users will also not be able to do Print, Printscreen, nor any other screen capture command. Messaging and Screen sharing are also disabled. Neither virtual machine support nor network monitoring are accessible during an assessment. The function keys and right click options are also disabled while the LockDown Browser is open. Not only that, toolbar options, as well as browser menu options are inaccessible. However, Back, Refresh, Forward, and Stop are still enabled. HTML-based websites will not be able to show the source code while LockDown Browser is open.