Lock Folder

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Lock Folder is a simple program that allows users to secure folders on the computer using a password. The program is simple to use and there are no advanced configurations, which makes the program ideal for beginners and advanced users. The program is portable. This means that it does not need to be installed on the computer in order for it to run. It can be saved in a USB and used with other computers, too.

The program has a simple user interface. Upon launching the application, a small window appears on the desktop. Users can then drag folders to the interface to lock or unlock it. Users can then enter a password to access or secure the folder. The program does not leave any traces on the computer, so the system remains clean after removing the USB stick. Users always need to provide a password when trying to access folders that are password-protected. These protected folders can also be deleted from the computer.

Here are the other features of the Lock Folder program:

• Plain user interface that does not need to be configured
• Does not clog up resources and uses little memory
• Can be used with several computers
• Keeps information in a folder safe