LochMaster 4.0 4.0

abacom (Shareware)

LochMaster 4.0 is a program intended for people working on project boards. The main functions of this program are designing, editing, testing and documenting strip board projects. LochMaster 4.0 is known for realistic display of board components.

This application is helpful to those who are optimizing the position of components, optimizing the existing circuit outlines, wiring components, and fitting boards into cases. This application also comes in handy when there is a need to determine the component types, create components lists, and it also contains tools for archiving and documenting.

This program is a multifunctional developer’s tool that has the following features:
• Auto-generation of list of components
• Connection testing
• Comprehensive library of components and symbols (editable) that can be placed on the board
• Parallel usage of hole grids, mm, and inch (new feature)
• Display of both sides of the board for simultaneous editing

Users of LochMaster 4.0 are given the option to choose from among many board types that features varying grids and layouts. The program offers realistic rendering of relevant functions such as splitting tracks, wiring, soldering, and other similar functions.

This program also allows for the creation of a new board based on the user’s specifications. This is possible with the help of the integrated board-editor.