The Cogit Network (Freeware)

Locate32 is a utility application that enables users to find their files quickly. This application works by putting an index in each file and folder saved in the user’s local hard drives, enabling the search system to narrow down files searches and locate the files faster. Locate32 is also capable of indexing removable storage devices such as USB flash drive or an external hard drive, as well as hard drives from a remote computer. Locate32 stores the file index data in its built-in database allowing the application to index thousands of files in various locations. Locate32 provides three modes: Name & Location, Size & Date, and Advanced Search. Name & Location search allows users to look up files using a keyword related to the file’s filename. Users can also search all drives and folders, or narrow it down to a specific location in the user’s drives. Size & Date mode allows users to search for files by using a file size description, or by setting a particular date. The program would then display all files matching the descriptions set by the user. Advanced search allows users to narrow down their search by assigning multiple search fields.

Locate32 has a user interface that is divided into three main parts. The first part contains three tabs that describe the program’s search modes (Name & Location, Size & Date, and Advanced Search). Clicking on a tab will reveal different search bars, checkboxes, and search fields. The next part is the results list where the matching files from a search action are displayed. This section displays the filename, folder location, file size, file type, and date modified. The last part contains buttons used to initiate search, stop a search action, and perform a new search.