LoadRunner Analysis

Hewlett-Packard (Proprietary)

HP LoadRunner Analysis is an automated performance testing program developed by Hewlett-Packard Software Division.  The program was designed for application load testing of HP products. Application load testing is a function where the system’s performance and behavior is examined while generating load. It was first developed by Mercury Interactive but it was acquired by HP when it acquired the former company in November 2006.  

LoadRunner Analysis is a software testing tool. The program creates virtual users, which functions as how real users would. These virtual users will be simulating the kind of requests made by a normal user operating system in a daily basis. These requests are sent through the HTTP Protocol to Apache web servers or IIS. The program can simulate as many as thousands of users accessing the servers simultaneously. During the simulation, the program also collects information including web servers, database servers, and other key infrastructure components. After which, the program analyzes the results in terms of the system’s behavior during the test.

LoadRunner Analysis offers support for several protocol bundles including Database, DCOM, .NET Record/Replay, Java Record/Replay, GUI Virtual Users, Remote Access, and Remote Desktop. It also supports Network, Oracle E-Business, SAP, SOA, Wireless, and Multimedia protocol bundles. When installed, the program installs 3 additional icons on the desktop: VuGen or  Virtual User Generator, Analysis, and Controller.