LOADINC Mad Tracks 1.2

LOADINC (Shareware)

LOADINC Mad Tracks is a toy-car racing game developed by LOADINC, Inc. There are 12 pull-back friction vehicles available to choose from. This friction engine allows the player to handle the car easily even on acrobatic racing tracks. All in all, there are 46 challenges available, 23 races and 23 mini-games. Race tracks are everyday environments such as toy stores, restaurants, and even mini golf parks.

The game offers a single (arcade) player mode and a multiplayer mode. In the Arcade mode, the player must achieve the highest trophy by finishing goals. For example, the car must compete in a car races or land on a dartboards that are facing down. There is also an online mode where up to 4 players can participate. Being a host of the game allows the player to choose the level.  

Other features of LOADINC Mad Tracks include:

• It has a split screen that allows each players to view the car they are playing
• The player can change the color of the vehicle. The colors available are red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, and black. In Xbox 360, this can be easily accessed through the controller ‘x’ button.
• Up to 12 achievements and 200 gamer score points can be earned overall
• 12 stack-able power-ups which include rockets, oil drops, EMPs, and freezers among others