Lizard Safeguard - PDF Viewer

LockLizard (Freeware)

Lizard Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer is a standalone application developed by LockLizard that was released in August of 2010. It gives users document rights to manage PDF files. It has the ability to encrypt PDF documents in order to prevent users from doing certain tasks, as set by the document’s publisher. These tasks include copying, editing, saving, sharing, printing, and even screen capturing. If the user has an activated screen grabbing program on his/her computer while viewing the document, Lizard Safeguard PDF Viewer will immediately prompt the user to disable the program after unloading itself. It also enables the administrator to set restrictions to such factors as the expiration date of a document or user accounts and the application of watermarks to printed documents. The main requirement of this program is an .llv file, which is sent by the author of the protected document.

First-time users will be able to determine the mechanics of the Lizard Safeguard PDF Viewer through a quick-start and admin guide for the admin application, as well as a user guide for the viewer application. The viewer app comes with an efficient search function that has options to match an entire word and/or case. Lizard Safeguard PDF Viewer provides effective implementation of PDF encryption to ensure optimal security for these types of documents.