New Wave Concepts Limited (Shareware)

Livewire is an educational program used for the simulation of electrical circuits. The program consists of hundreds of electrical components including diodes, transistors, capacitors, batteries, cells, and many others. The program’s graphical user interface consists of a large work area, tools, menus, and buttons for the common functions that can be used in the program. When creating circuits, users can choose from a wide selection of components from the gallery. The components are grouped according to type, allowing users to easily find what they are looking for. Some of these include drivers, passive components, power supplies, connectors, and many others.

After creating a project, users can run the simulation to see how the electrical setup works. In addition, Livewire can create a report based on the project. The program can generate a parts list report or a bill or materials report.

More main features of the Livewire application include:

• Interactive simulation of electrical diagram
• Comes with built-in drawing and text tools
• Electrical diagrams can be copied and pasted to other programs
• Support for both analog and digital simulations
• Automatic save feature

Livewire also supports multiple documents. This allows users to work on several electrical circuit projects all at the same time.