Livestream Procaster


Livestream Procaster is a program used for live broadcasting and live online video streaming. Streaming is a multimedia delivery process where multimedia files such as audio or video is presented by a provider to an end-user in real time. Livestream Procaster enables users to stream videos captured from a webcam, DV cam, as well as clips from video games. In addition to these, users can also stream a video of them performing actions in their desktop, making Livestream Procaster useful in creating video tutorials. Livestream Procaster also allows users to share and connect to thousands of other users by means of a built-in search function, stream channels, chat function, and recommended links. Aside from the program installer, Livestream Procaster requires a stable Internet connection and a Livestream account in order for users to stream their videos.

Livestream Procaster’s user interface features four tabs: Broadcast, Chat, Promote, and Player. The Broadcast tab is the program’s default main page. This section contains commands that allow users to select an input device (webcam, DV cam, Game stream), adjust the stream quality, and go live online. The chat tab allows users to send instant messages to other users in the Livestream Procaster network. The Promote tab allows users to promote their channel in order for it to be displayed in the suggested channels in Livestream’s home page. The Player tab enables users to create a link of their channel that can be posted or embedded in a web page. In addition to these, users can customize various aspects of their video stream in the preferences section. Users can configure the Livestream, video, audio, desktop, game, and hotkey settings in this section.