Livestation (Shareware)

Livestation is a live television streaming program developed by Livestation and released on July 2010. This program is a streaming platform designed to stream live television shows and radio programs all around the world utilizing a data network. Livestation streams international news channels online and makes the same viewable by Livestation users through several mediums. Broadcasts are streamed in the VC-1 format instead of the peer-to-peer function.

Livestation features several live TV news channels including Al Jazeera, Euronews, BBC News, CNN, and Metro TV, among several others. The Livestation user interface features the broadcast stream overlaid with common playback controls including Play, Stop, and Next. Video broadcasts are not in HD resolution however, premium service enables users to watch the video streams in higher quality off 800kbit/s. The interface also features a search functionality enabling users to search and find specific channels. Users may also go directly to the website to find news channels they would like to watch.

Livestation features multi-platform compatibility through the Qt framework. This program also features social networking features enabling users to chat with other Livestation subscribers while viewing programs. This application also features a user generated rating system enabling users to comment or like specific news channels. This program is also available as mobile applications developed for mobile devices particularly iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.