Livescribe Desktop

Livescribe (Freeware)

Livescribe Desktop is an easy to use tool that allows the user to record on the computer handwritten documents with the use of a smartpen. It also gives the user efficiency to create custom notebooks from the files produced. It is featured with Livescribe Connect that makes not just the creation of a file possible, but also the sharing of it through email, Google Docs, and Google Sites. It does not only support documents but also audio recording. Moreover, the program permits the conversion of files to Flash movies. The outputs made are labeled as interactive pencast PDFs. An Adobe Reader 10 is the only requirement for other users to view these types of output. These pencast PDFs have player controls embedded on them that makes the playing of the whole recording or just a part of it allowable.  

There are player controls embedded in the PDF too, so you can play the whole recording, or just sections of it. The user can subscribe to MyLivescribe community and create an account. The account provides a 500mb free storage facility for all pencast documents. Documents in this account can be configured as to whether they will be shared publicly or privately. The interface has a search function that gives ease when looking for a particular text in the document.