Live365 Desktop (Shareware)

Live365 Desktop is a program that allows users to access thousands of online stations on the desktop. It is a media player and manager that enable users to personalize their streaming experience. The program’s interface is customizable, as the program comes with 10 skin colors. The application’s main window has its own search feature, so users can conduct searches without having to open a separate browser window. With the application, users can save their favorite stations, manage presets, and go through more than 20 genres of music.

The program’s interface is simple and intuitive. Users have access to the latest streaming channels. Task buttons are located at the bottom of the main window. When a track is playing, users can save the station, get track information, send a ‘like’ to the DJ, or send a ‘dislike’ to the DJ. The main window can be minimized to the taskbar so users can continue to listen to music while doing other computer activities. The program also provides sharing options, so users can share a station or a track on their Facebook or Twitter account. There is also an option for sending through email. The program is also capable of sending station recommendations to the user.