Live Viewer 6.21

Hitachi America, Ltd. (Freeware)

As an LCD projector tool, the LiveViewer software translates images and audio from a computer to the projector. This is accomplished through either wired or wireless LAN (Local Area Network) connections. It has various features that contribute to effectively delivering a presentation. There are two display modes, namely the Single PC mode and Multi PC mode. The Single PC mode is for displaying images in fullscreen and replaying audio from only one computer. If the Presenter mode is set to “on,” other computers that are part of the network can no longer gain access to it. In Multi-PC mode, the projector is able to show images from up to four computers that are connected at the same time.

Besides its display modes, the application can also be set to other types of operations, including Multi-Projector mode and Moderator Control mode. The former lets a computer connect with up to 12 projectors at the same time via wired or wireless LAN. The other mode gives control over other computers to a host or moderator using wireless or wired LAN connections. This control can be necessary for presentations that do not require interaction with the clients/audience.

The program has a Quick Connection feature that offers several options for connecting to the projector. If several projectors are connected to the same network, the program asks for confirmation that the right projector is selected so that the image will be sent only to the specified unit. The Projector List shows the list of projectors connected to the network. This allows the user to choose which projectors to use. The status of the connection for each projector can be monitored with the help of icons in the Projector List.