Live Update 5 5

Micro Star (Freeware)

MSI Live Update 5 is a utility application that enables users to update their computer’s various system components. This application is used to provide updates on Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), program drivers, and firmware for various software and applications installed in the user’s computer. MSI Live Update 5 is capable of providing automatic or manual updates for these various system components. This application works by analyzing information on BIOS, program drivers, and firmware to check if these components are up to date. MSI Live Update 5 then connects to the manufacturer’s website to check if there are available updates, patches, or new versions of BIOS, drivers, or firmware. If new updates are available, MSI Live Update 5 will proceed to download and install it automatically, or notify the user to download or install it manually. MSI Live Update 5 ensures that the user’s computer devices work properly by updating it.

MSI Live Update 5 features a simple user interface that contains two main parts. First part is the program tabs located on the top portion of the application window. These tabs include Home, Live Update, History, Setting, and About. The Home tab displays basic information on the user’s computer such as the operating system, motherboard model, current BIOS version, graphics card, last system scan, and number of updated components. The Live Update tab enables users to configure how the application would update the system components, while the History tab shows the number of updates done in each component. The Setting tab allows users to configure the frequency of notifications received from MSI Live Update 5. About tab displays information about MSI Live Update 5. The next part displays buttons that execute actions in each tab.