Ableton (Shareware)

Live is a DAW software developed by Ableton and released on March 2013. DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. The program is a music sequencer program developed to be an additional instrument that can be used during live performances. The program features audio recording, composing, arranging, mastering, and mixing functions. The software is particularly useful for DJs due to some functions like crossfading and beatmatching, effects essential for any turntablist. The program offers automatic song beatmatching.

Live interface offers two views—session view and arrangement view. Session view is useful when arranging and sequencing audio clips such as MIDI files. These clips can be arranged to form one unit which can be triggered to activate in unison, while in session view. Clips can be tracks from different instruments like drum tracks, guitar tracks, etc. Triggering the clips simultaneously simulates several instruments playing at the same time, just like any music session.  Arrangement view, on the other hand, enables users manipulate arrangements created from the Session view. This function also supports manual MIDI sequencing.

Live features two instruments, the Simpler and the Impulse. Simpler is a sampling instrument. It enables users to apply effects, timing, and envelopes on one sample track. Impulse is a drum-triggering instrument. This instrument features different drum effects like attack, equalization, pitch shift, and decay, among others.