Live for Speed 0.6E

Live for Speed (Shareware)

Live for Speed (LFS) is a racing simulator application developed by the Live for Speed team comprising of Eric Bailey, Victor van Vlaardingen and Scawen Roberts. It was first released on July 13, 2003. The game’s main goal is to offer realistic racing experience to players. There are 20 different cars in the game ranging from road legal hatchback cars to fictional JGTC series, sports cars, and GT DTM-like vehicles. There are also five officially licensed cars based on real vehicles such as Formula BMW, Volkswagen Scirocco, Valmet RaceAbout ‘2003, BMW Sauber F1.06, and Formula SAE. Players can also choose from seven fictional tracks with each track offering different configurations.

The following are the available game modes in LFS:

• Training Mode (a.k.a practice mode/driving school) – This is where players can learn about the basic of LFS as well as the different driving techniques in racing.

• Multiplayer Mode – This mode enables players to compete with other players worldwide. In this game mode, players can search for their friends via their username, choose a certain server or create their own server.

• Single Player Mode – In this mode, players can compete to up to 20 AI components. However, the Demo version only enables players to compete with 11 AIs. The skill level of AIs can be adjusted as well as the wind type and number of laps.

• Hotlapping Mode – This mode allows players to play against the best drivers without an Internet connection.