Live! Cam FX Creator

Creative Technology Ltd. (Freeware)

Live! Cam FX Creator is a program that customizes a user’s experience when using the computer's video camera. With the program, video effects may be added on the camera screen during live sessions. Live sessions involve two or more people communicating with each other in the Internet through the video camera. During live sessions, the user can change his used background to make it look like he is in another place. For example, if the user is in a room, he can use the program to change his background into another scene, such as a beach. This will make it look like that the user is in another location when the other person is looking at his video camera.

Images taken with the video camera, such as screenshots and scans, can also be customized with various effects. One example is background images that act as backdrops or settings of the video call. These backdrops can also be magazine overlays and frames. These scans can be saved to the computer.

With Live! Cam FX Creator, advanced video effects can be added to live video chats and live video cam sessions. These advanced effects are usually added effects on the person's face. Such effects include moustache, headgear, eyewear, and hair.