Live! Cam Doodling

Creative (Freeware)

Live! Cam Doodling is an instant communication companion software developed by Creative and released on March 2008. This program enables users to customize their chat environment by doodling and adding enhancements like drawings and sketches on the chat preview window. This program also enables users to write or scribble words visible on the chat window.

Live! Cam Doodling features several video effect combinations that may be added to the  video chat preview window. There are six video effects available—Face painting, Pencil, Blood, Bubble, Fire, and Glitter. Face Painting enables users to draw on the face shown on the preview. The program automatically tracks the face, applying the face paint even if the subject moves. The Pencil tool enables the user to write or draw anything on the preview window. Blood tool enables users to add blood drips all over the preview screen. Fire tool lets users add flames in text and drawings shown on preview. Lastly, the glitter tool lets users add glitter to the text conversations. For each tool, the program offers three customization options. Users can customize the brush size, color, and the opacity of the added enhancement. There are five brush size choices and 6 color selections. Opacity can be controlled using a slider. The Live! Cam Doodling user interface also features a Clear All button to quickly erase all enhancements with one click.