Live! Cam Center

Creative Technology Ltd (Freeware)

Creative Live! Cam Center is an application used in combination with the Creative Live! Cam program. It allows users to capture videos and photos as well as other advanced tasks. For photo capturing tasks, Live! Cam Center lets users choose the resolution through the resolution box. Captured images can be viewed in the Captures Pane. There is also an available Self Timer button for capturing a photo with elapse time. Formats and other photo capturing settings are available at the program’s Settings button. The same options are also available for the video capturing task. Resolution can be set as well as the Self Timer button and other related settings. However, an added “built-in mic” option found in the Audio Source menu is also available for this task.

Live! Cam Center can also be used for configuring and setting up Live! Cam’s motion detection feature. This allows the webcam to capture images whenever it detects any movement. Live! Cam’s remote monitoring feature can also be configured using the program. This feature can be used to monitor the user’s location using Live Cam! and an Internet Browser. The application also has the Time Lapse Video Capturing functionality, which is used to capture images and replay snapshots taken over predefined intervals. These snapshots can then be turned into a video. Managing the folder navigation tree is also possible, which can be used to organize the image and video files taken using the application. There is also a calendar browser that is used for viewing and searching of files according to a particular date.