Live 7.0.3 9.1 (32-bit)

Ableton (Shareware)

Live 7.0.3 is an application developed by the company Ableton to enable users to create music from their computers. It can be used for producing soundtracks in studios or live playing on stage. This application belongs to Ableton’s Live series. In this version, old features are updated and new functions are added. Among the new and improved features include the dual monitor support, multiple CPU cores, and faster normalization process.

With this tool, users can import and export files to and from any source. When the “Create Analysis File” option is enabled, this program saves wrap markers of file in ASD (.asd) format. The “Export Audio/Video” dialog has been improved as well. Most of the settings to export files are re-grouped for a more organized sorting and overview. The “All Tracks” option has been replaced as “Individual Tracks”, which is found in the choose “Rendered Track”. For the “Session View” or “Arrangement View”, all options are the same.

Some of the key features of Live 7.0.3 are:
• Recording/Editing – 24-bit/192 kHz multi-track hard disk recording, unlimited audio tracks
• Non-linear Sequencing – customized sequencing, and mapping of both audio and MIDI files to MIDI keyboard ranges or computer keys
• Time and Pitch Manipulation – Real-time pitch, groove, and time-stretching
• Instruments/ Effects
• Routing - I/O - Sync