GameHouse, Inc (Shareware)

Little Shop of Treasures 2 is a game published by Game House. It is a hidden object game with time-sensitive elements, as the object hiding in plain sight for every level must be spotted by the player within a specified period. The objects that need searching are identified by customers of a shop that the player manages.

Little Shop 2 focuses on the player’s ability to find items for sale in a shop that he or she must maintain. Set in a place called Huntington, customers often enter the shop and request for a particular item that the player must find in his or her inventory before time runs out and the client loses patience. The game offers features to help players who may be experiencing difficulty finishing gameplay levels. For instance, a magnifying glass toll can be used to zoom in on specific locations where the mouse points.

As more items are sold to patrons, the shop gains ever-increasing revenue. The ultimate goal of the player, then, must be to earn enough money from selling hard-to-find items from the shop; the accumulated profits are then used to finance the reopening of the gas station owned by the playable character’s uncle. Two gaming modes are available in this game, which are designed for casual players who feel restricted by the time limit aspect of the original game mode.