Little Shop: World Traveler

GameHouse, Inc. (Shareware)

Little Shop - World Traveler is a casual computer game where the player must find hidden treasures. This is another game in the Little Shop series of games with a new twist – the hidden objects are scattered in locations all over the world. In this game, the player takes on a role of a shopper who answers a call from a friend. This friend calls the player, asking him to look for hard-to-find objects in different parts of the globe. Each chapter in the game starts with the same call.

In this game, the player goes on trips, which are set in 16 different locations. Each location will be visited five times during the player's travels. In each scene, the items that must be found are listed at the bottom of the screen. When the items in one group are all found, another set of items that must be found may follow. The items that must be found are random. In one scene, there is a possibility of finding 75 items. However, the game does not require the player to find all of these items. A minimum of ten objects must be found so the level can end and the game can progress.