Little Registry Optimizer 1.0

Little Apps (Open Source)

Little Registry Optimizer is an application that optimizes the system so that it can run faster. The application is part of the Little Apps Little Registry Cleaner software. The program has a simple interface that is easy to use even for novice computer users. The main window shows an overview of the system in three parts. The first part shows details from the last optimization, the second part displays the program statistics, and the third part shows the system information. On the bottom part of the main window is an “Analyze Registry” button that users can click on to scan the system for registry issues.

After scanning the computer, Little Registry Optimizer displays the registry size and the saved size in the form of a pie chart. Users can also view the exact number of megabytes for each status. The program then optimizes the registry when the user clicks on the “Compact” button. It also displays details regarding registry files. Registry sizes for different components are displayed as well. These components include the system, default, security, software, and others. After Little Registry Optimizer compacts the system, there will be more space in the hard drive and the system’s performance will also improve.