Little Fighter 2

Marti Wong, Starsky Wong (Freeware)

Little Fighter 2, also called LF2, is a fighting game that was released in 2009. It is the sequel to the game Little Fighter. In the game, players control a character and fight with another player or the computer. The game is simple and has only a few controls. These are left, right, down, up, attack, jump, and defend. The keys for the controls can be customized according to the user’s preferences.

Characters in the game have health points (HP) that are displayed as a red bar on the interface. The blue bar on the screen is for the mana points (MP). Mana points are used for performing special attacks on opponents. Special attacks can be done by pressing a combination of keys. Special items appear on the screen, too. These items can be used to increase the health and mana of the player. Items that appear include beer and milk bottles. Weapons that can be used in the game are crates, boulders, knifes, baseballs, and other tools and objects.

Little Fighter 2 has six game modes. These are:
• VS Mode – humans against computer
• Championship Mode – tournament game (human vs. human, or human vs. computer)
• Stage Mode – defeat enemies in five stages and beta the bosses
• Battle Mode – team-based battle
• Demo Mode – random team of players battle
• CRAZY Mode – secret game mode that can be unlocked by entering a code

Up to four players can play in the game at the same time using one computer, and up to eight players can play in the online mode.