Little Big Adventure 2 Windows XP, Vista & 7

Adeline Software International (Freeware)

Little Big Adventure 2 Windows XP, Vista & 7 is the sequel to the game called “Little Big Adventure,” or “Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure.” In the first installment, the world is already liberated from FunFrock, the evil dictator. In Little Big Adventure 2, visitors from other worlds have arrived after a storm. The aliens’ intentions are not known but they came under the guise of a diplomatic mission. In this sequel, the hero Twinsen is expected to save the planet from evil forces once more.

The game play involves the hero embarking on many different quests. The adventures he will come across include travelling across the galaxy, and fighting off aliens in order to defeat evil and restore good. The aliens called Esmers have an evil leader/god and the hero needs to save the whole world from this villain.

There are many action elements to this game that entice computer game enthusiasts. Little Big Adventure 2 is has many interesting characters and is set in a well-written and dynamic story line that also has a lot of humor. The second installment is the series features better compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Little Big Adventure 2 can be launched from the desktop with one click once the game is fully installed. The environments featured in the game are in 3D and it is also presented in full motion video.