InFocus Corporation (Bundled)

Liteshow3 wireless presentation adapter is one of the latest upgrades of a wireless and networking product brought to the public by InFocus Corporation. Liteshow3 provides convenience to the user as when connected to any projector; this accessory quickly displays and easily shares data, files, audio, and video with the help of a secured and reliable wireless connection.

Liteshow3 eliminates cables and quickens time of presentation as compared to the old models of projectors. It also provides an 802.11n level of a fast data transmission as long as the wireless connection provided is fast and reliable. Liteshow3 also caters an on-board video decoding for a quick and smooth playback of files as it can connect to multiple computers at a time. This smart product does not only rely on the Internet but also creates a secure wireless network access point and multiple security levels.

Liteshow3 appeals its purpose in a large room where one or more computers may connect for visual and or presentation purposes. Liteshow3 only relies on user display hook-up through a short VGA cable. This disregards the numerous 20 to 30 plus feet long of cables to connect to a single smart projector. Ranging its other capabilities, Liteshow3 can also transmit audio, but with the help of an audio driver installed.