LiteManager 4.5.0

LiteManagerTeam (Shareware)

LiteManager is a remote access application that provides users with the ability to manage computers from another location. Connection to the Internet or the network is required for remote access. With this application, users can run or stop processes, browse and edit the system registry, and transfer files on a remote computer. This utility is designed for the use of network and IT administrators, particularly in the office setting.

The application provides users with several operating modes. It is capable of doing scheduled screen recording to monitor employees’ work activity, and comes with an audio and video chat mode for communicating with an employee in a remote location. It also enables users to collect technical information about a remote computer for inventory and program installation purposes. It also has tools for creating network maps and deploying software updates to the computers in a network.

One of the features of LiteManager is the Connect by ID mode. In this mode, users can remotely access a computer using a specified ID, which eliminates the need to connect using an IP address. With this feature, users can configure their server of ID connections easily.

The Free version of this application has support for 30 computers and is ideal for small businesses and home users. The Pro version can accommodate more computers in a network.