Listen N Write

Marcello Pietrelli e Gianni Baini (Freeware)

Listen N Write is a utility that can be used to transcribe and play recordings in regular MP3 or WAV format. This is a standard program that is small in size, easy to control, and produces great outcomes. It is meant for the use of students, conference participants, lawyers and others who regularly transcribe recorded audio files.

Listen N Write also has special features that make this program simple and convenient to use. This tool has an integrated word processor that can be used with the keys as control during transcription activities. Bookmarks or insert time markers are also present.

The interface of Listen N Write has three components, namely the bookmarks box, the optional text editor, and the media player. The media player is easy to control with its simple layout and controls that are readily evident to the user. The text editor is also full of useful controls while the Bookmarks box can be turned off as an option.

Listen N Write is a free utility that works as a media player and text editor. It has Skip arrows that can be used to target specific words and phrases. The Pause button works without truncating words. This is accomplished by reversing the recording by a second. Listen N Write is the creation of Marcello Pietrelli e Gianni Baini.