Bopsoft (Freeware)

Listary is a tool for accessing files, folders, and programs easily without having to create desktop shortcuts. The application works in the background and can be accessed by clicking its icon located on the system tray. With the tool, users can open files that are always opened and recently used items from the program’s menu. It also has a Quick Switch feature that immediately brings the user to the window of the specific file. There is also a list that displays all the applications for easy access.

Here are the other features of the Listary application:
• Find-as-you-type – This program highlights matching items from the list as the user types the name of the file or the application. This is handy when there are plenty of files stored in the computer.
• Access the application from anywhere – Listary items can be accessed in different ways including hot keys, system tray icons, or using the middle mouse button.
• Support for various Windows applications – The program supports different Windows components and programs, such as the desktop, explorer, and dialogs.
• Change directory easily – Switching to a different directory or location in the computer can be done by typing a part of the filename. The program has an auto-complete feature that provides choices for different locations that match the search term.