ToolsMedia (Proprietary)

Liquidator is a 3D first-person shooter game developed by Parallax Arts Studio with game components from ToolsMedia. The game has a fantasy adventure theme. The story is set at a futuristic era, when the warring nations of the world banded together. The world’s United Space Agency has found many planets that humans can inhabit, and has established diplomatic relations with three worlds. To facilitate instantaneous travel between the planets, scientists invented a technology called hypergate. This technology was used in teleportation devices and other media that allowed for a constant exchange of information between the worlds.

One day all of the signals disappeared, leading the people to think that something had gone wrong. One of the men who teleported to Earth said that his planet had been taken over by aliens, and that his fellow citizens were banished to unknown locations. Earth could be next. To prevent this, the player is sent by the Virtual Teleportation Agency to the other planets to cut off their communication links and destroy the fuel tanks used for teleportation.

Players are tasked to explore and battle through each of the three worlds, and each mission has a number of different objectives to accomplish. There are 7 weapons available for players to use and protect themselves with. The game’s 3D engine makes use of real-world physics and animations that add to the game’s realistic effects.