Linux MultiMedia Studio 0.4.14

Tobias Doerffel, Paul Giblock, Danny McRae, Javier Serrano Polo and others (Open Source)

Linux MultiMedia Studio, or simply LMMS, is a free audio workstation initially released in 2004. This program is used for producing music project using the computer. Music production includes creating beats and melodies, synthesizing and mixing sounds, and arranging samples. It also allows users to play music using MIDI keyboard. The program offers support for VST and LADSPA plug-ins.

The program offers a Song Editor used for composing music. There is also a Beat + Bassline Editor function for creating basslines and beats. Users can also edit melodies and patterns using the program’s Piano Roll function. There is also a FX mixer that consists of 64 FX channels. Users can also use different effects and instruments when producing music. Included in the program are samplers, wavetable synthesizer, monophonic imitation, triple-oscillator, organ-like synthesizer, and more. Aside from this, the program is also compatible with various standards such as SoundFont2, MIDI, GUS Patchers, ZynAddSubFX, and more.

The program’s interface is composed of different presents, beat/bassline, and other functions/features available in the program. The interface is composed of seven windows. Two of these windows are the main windows (i.e. FX-Mixer and Song Editor). The remaining five windows are supporting windows. These include Piano Roll Editor, Automation Editor, Beat+Bassline Editor, Controller Rack, and Project Notes Editor. These windows corresponds to the main functions of the program, which can be used to produce music.