Linphone 3.6.0 (Open Source)

Linphone is a Voice over IP, open-source software. With Linphone, users can communicate freely with other people through the Internet, which means calls can be made without using up minutes from a user’s phone plan. It features voice, text, and video messaging. It is available for mobile phones and desktop computers.

This software features digest authentication and call management, supporting several calls simultaneously. It has instant messaging features with delivery notification. It also has audio conferencing capabilities, with ICE support to enable peer-to-peer video and audio connections without the need to use a media relay server. It supports the encryption of both voice and video and it also supports any webcam, and includes a driver for Linux and Windows.

Calls made using this program are clear because of the built-in acoustic echo cancellation. Linphone can efficiently manage bandwidth; the bandwidth limitations are indicated using a Session Description Protocol. This results in video and audio sessions that suit the user’s Internet capabilities. Linphone features an address book so the user can import and organize his contacts. The software also lets users set a dialing prefix such a country code or an area code for fast and easy dialing to another country.