LinkStash 3.0.0

John Williams / XRayz Software (Shareware)

LinkStash is a program used for managing the saved favorites and bookmarks on a web browser. It supports popular web browsers, such as Netscape, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The application allows users to view all the bookmarks in an explorer-like window. The list of bookmarks is located at the left pane. Sub-folders can also be created to categorize the bookmarks (humor, news, education, social networking accounts, etc). Pages that are often visited can be highlighted so they are easier to spot. Once a folder is selected, the left panel displays all the links contained in that folder including other information, such as the website name, the URL, rating, tags added, and when it was last visited.

The program also features a dead link checker so users can keep their bookmarks up-to-date and delete those that lead to a dead site. A security feature also makes it possible to encrypt folders that contain websites that have sensitive information.

Additional features of the program are the following:

• Application launches and exits with the browser window
• Bookmarks can by synched with the Internet Explorer Favorites folder
• Program’s toolbar is customizable, allowing users to save commonly used commands